Impress Audio creates luxurious audiophile hifi systems with the world's finest high-end audio brands, incredible interiors, and engineered acoustics to deliver an unmatched musical experience.  Unwind and relax after a stressful day by rediscovering music on a new level through our highly appointed systems.

True music reproduction - one that connects you as a listener to the artist on an emotional level - requires proper acoustic engineering, room design, and equipment.   Let our expert engineers and designers show you what's possible in our music experience center across a variety of formats. Enjoy listening to music through high resolution streaming services, experience the high fidelity sound quality of SACD/CD, or partake in the vinyl turntable renaissance.  

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Space Visualization
Optimal Dimensions & Usage

Interior Design
In-House Design Team

Renovations and New Builds

Sound Proofing
Minimize Noise Leakage

2.1+ Channel Audio
Unmatched Sound Reproduction

Subwoofer Integration
Experience Seamless Bass

Streaming Distribution
Enjoy Your Music Everywhere